Washington Mall Walking Tour – Spring and Summer 2015!

When: Call for dates for groups

  • Price: $20 per person

Come with your friends at Speed of Life Tours as we do a walk through history to explore the National Mall, America’s front lawn and home to our country’s best loves monuments and memorials. We’ll do a leisurely walk starting with the White House grounds, the Washington Monument, on to the the World War II memorial and ending at the Vietnam, Lincoln and Korean War Veterans Memorials.

lincoln_memorial_evening_smallEver wonder what the Mall looked like 50 years ago? 100 years ago? 200? What used to be here? This tour will show, with pictures, how the Mall developed from farm land, to a forested park (with a train station) in the mid-19th century through to its reimagining into an open, grassy park we know today.


dcnyc-bg-1Pierre L’Enfant, a French officer in the American Revolution was hired by George Washington to design the new Federal City in 1790. Instead of creating a small town with the buildings for Congress and the President next to each other, L’Enfant designed a grand city in the wildnerness that was as large as London was in his day.

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