The Lincoln Assassination — A Drama of Destiny, Fate and Revenge


“The South wants justice, has waited for it long. She will wait no longer” – John Wilkes Booth

It was a night that changed the history of a nation forever. Journey back in time with your guide to learn about the three-pronged attack designed to decapitate the U.S. Government. Shrouded in mystery, intrigue and conspiracy, the assassination of the 16th U.S. president has fascinated Americans and foreigners for nearly 150 years.

Come along on this family friendly tour to meet the characters, walk the streets, and see the buildings where this great drama played out in the Lincoln Assassination.

The only walking tour of its kind to actually include a visit inside Ford’s Theatre and Museum, The Lincoln Assassination — A Drama of Destiny, Fate and Revenge is a two-hour excursion back in time to explore the actual site of the President’s 1865 murder by the well-known Southern actor John Wilkes Booth, and the tragic circumstances surrounding it. You’ll be met by a knowledgeable and experienced guide in Lafayette Park and introduced to Booth, his conspirators, and learn the details of their desperate attempt to avenge the Civil War. The walk wraps up at Ford’s Theatre, the historic site of the heinous crime itself, and includes tickets to the on-site museum.

Sites on the tour on the Lincoln Assassination Tour :

Lincoln Assassination Ford's Theatre

  • White House
  • Lafayette Square
  • Site of William Seward’s Home
  • Site of Vice President Johnson’s Hotel
  • U.S. Treasury Building
  • Willard Hotel
  • National Theatre
  • Star Saloon
  • Fords Theatre
  • Peterson Boarding House
  • Baptist Alley

Schedule for the Summer and Fall of 2016

Thursdays at 10:00 AM, except

No dates are currently scheduled for the Summer and Fall of 2016


We meet inside Lafayette Park across from the White House.  The tour lasts about two hours.



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